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Misano Adriatico stretches from the hill to the sea.The sea opens up to a vast horizon, which refers to distant lands, which at times it seems to be seen and which in any case are present in some way. The sailors tell their stories, and trade and commerce are present from the Romans onwards. The small fishing boats anchored in the port of Portoverdeno refer to this ancient tradition.

The sea is the place that allows an open gaze, a long breath, a thought that escapes the fatigue of everyday life. And for this reason, that as soon as there is a ray of sunshine, the promenade comes alive with people who walk relaxed or run to restore themselves, or by bicycle they set off to walk the paths of the Conca and then go up the hills.

In summer, then, the sea is the place for many tourists who enjoy the sun and swim in the sea, seeking tranquility and fun. After all, hospitality in Romagna is at home.

Starting from the rich offer of services on the beach which is flanked by the pleasures of local cuisine: fish in the first place, with the thousand ways of preparing and enjoying it.

The Flag Costa dell'Emilia Romagna project that we have created tries to put together all the various elements that we have tried a message and that we want to be known and experienced both by the Misanese and by the many guests, in a path that in space and time, stories the characteristics and typicality of our territory.

Councilor Manuela Tonini


We want to dedicate this small space to all the people who have contributed to the success of this project with photographs, images, interviews, recipes, memories.

In particular we thank: