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The Project Comune Misano Patrocinio

This project “Tradition and development of the marina in Misano Adriatico” is part of the action plan FLAG COSTA of Emilia Romagna Region, for the production of places which revoke the marine culture: Museums, Marine Museums. The project is co-funded form EU, from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of Emilia Romagna Region Directorate General Agriculture, Harvest and Fishing.

The project’s goal is to support the knowledge and the appreciation of the historic, tangible and intangible heritage of Misano Adriatico’s marina, through the realization of a touristic path along the coastal road, up to the tourist port of Portoverde. The path is organized in eight thematic stages and it allows observing the city through a big magnifier, which describes its origins, its past, its contemporaneity and its bond with the sea.

It is a path for everyone: to access it you just need for a mobile device